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An article review is a paper that analyzes and summarizes a ready article. Unlike what most believe, writing a review on an article is much different from writing an actual article. When you have to write a review of an article, your task is to be critical in both positive and negative sense, all while looking at someone else’s work objectively and in detail.

The Goal and Process of Writing an Article Review

The article review is assigned with a big goal in mind – to familiarize the writer with the work of other people in the chosen field. Moreover, professors can assign this task with the purpose of giving students an opportunity to review their peer’s work.

Whatever the reason is, writing an article review requires that you comprehend everything the author tried to accomplish in his work. You can only summarize a person’s writing once you understand his work’s essence, the main points, and the arguments he uses in writing.

In an article review, the writer must assess a theme, various perspectives, supporting arguments, etc. Because of its demanding nature, the process can be split into various steps:

  • Plan the review

Before you start reading an article to review, you should know how the review will go. An outline of an article review usually includes a summary of the article, a section for the redeeming features, and a section for your critics.

  • Skim through the article

Yes, a research article review will require several reads of the article. But, when you have to review it, the first step is similar to when you write it. Your first go at the article should be a quick glimpse. Just browse through the headings and the title, read the abstract and the introduction, as well as the first sentences of the paragraphs.

This will give you just enough information about the nature of the argument, as well as the key points the author made. Then you are ready to proceed with actual reading.

  • Read the article more than once

Now it is time to read that article many, many times. Read it carefully the first time without stopping. Read it again and take notes. Finally, read it one more time to add more details to your notes and draw connections between article parts.

  • Outline the review

When you outline the review, you’ll know what belongs where and how to organize the content. Use those notes you made to put together lists of drawbacks and strong points. Find a place to put all these before you begin writing.

  • Write the review

When you write the review, make sure that you are non-biased about its content. Your goal is to answer the following questions:

  • What’s the goal of the article?
  • What are the author’s theories about the topic?
  • Does the author provide the necessary definitions and information?
  • Is the evidence relevant and supportive of the writer’s point of view?
  • Where does the article belong in the field or subject?
  • Does the article convey the author’s thoughts clearly or vaguely?
  • How does the article contribute to the field?
  • What are the possible gaps or mistakes in the writing?
  • Find a great title

A great article review deserves a great title. Ideally, you should find a title that is declarative, descriptive, or interrogative. Right under your title, you should cite the chosen article by using the specified style for citation.

  • Find the author’s thesis

The thesis might be clearly stated in the article. If it isn’t, it is your job to find out what this is. The goal is to start the article with an introduction that speaks of the main theme, introduces the author’s thesis, and summarizes the article’s main ideas.

  • Summarize the article

In your own, unique words, you must explain and summarize everything from the main claim to the research results. You can only analyze these things after you share them with the reader. Basically, the task of an article review is to critically assess a ready article that the readers of the review might or might not have read.

  • Give it a final polish

All that reading and going through your writing will have helped you find the errors in your writing. But, when you have finished the review as a whole, you must move on to the final edits. These include the typing and spelling mistakes, the factual data, and the grammar and punctuation errors. Moreover, you should check the flow and eliminate the data that is too vague or reveals too much about the article.

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