Creative Writing

Most of the tasks in school demand analytical and argumentative writing approach. But, not everything is as boring and monotonous as you think. In school, creative writing is a grand part of the papers you need to write, or at least it can be if you choose to spice your writing up.

Even though most essay papers require arguments and facts, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find creative ways to write an essay. Just look at some good creative writing essay prompts and let your own creativity guide you – this should boost the essay’s quality and attract more attention from the reader.

Creative Writing Essays and Why You Should Do It

Creative writing can take part of every type of essay if you know how to do it right. Creativity is what captivates the reader with words and makes them want to read your writing. Without it, your essay will have substance but no hook. At the end of the day, a writer’s goal is to reel the reader in and provide him with the information they need, all at the same time.

Thankfully, you can do both – use arguments and write a creative essay. The analysis can either be followed or mixed with creative expressions and thoughts.

To help you out, we’ve come up with a list of various essays that you can spice up with some creativity:

  • Admission essay

Admission essays are very important and as such, they need to stand out among the crowd. Your story can be great but without creativity, you simply won’t give the admission board a better impression than others who apply for the same program. Since an admission essay is a creative writing essay by nature, this is the biggest opportunity for you to use your creative skills.

  • Narrative essay

Think of a narrative essay as a book, a novel. Since you are discussing and narrating events or stories, creativity is key in this type of paper. To write a narrative essay, you need a creative story, a creative plot, and numerous descriptive details.

  • Personal essay

A personal essay is very similar to an admission essay. You use this type of writing to talk of your personal experiences and thoughts, all while trying to demonstrate significance. The best way to do this is by turning your personal essays into creative essays.

  • Descriptive essay

Descriptive essays are creative writing essays by nature. Your chosen topic must affect the reader and give him a clear idea of what you are trying to say or accomplish. To actually describe something, you must use your creativity.

  • Reflection essay

A reflection essay gives you a chance to provide your insight on a topic that bothers you or makes you unhappy. What better way to share these feelings with the reader than through creative writing?

Creative Writing Essay Tips and Tricks

Using creativity in writing isn’t just about using creative words on paper. When you attempt to implement some creativity in your writing, you must structure the entire paper well and find the right place for your creative thoughts. Here are some great tips that will help you boost your creative writing skills.

  • Start with creativity

The very best of your creative nature should come at the very beginning. To build up interest in the readers, you need to be creative from the very beginning. Find a creative and inviting opening to the essay, such as a bold phrase, some powerful and profound words, or a unique description that tells the reader to keep on reading.

  • Think of the reader

You can’t be successfully creative unless you know who you are talking to. Learn who your audience is before you search for a creative way to pique its interest.

  • Use metaphors

Metaphors are very effective and creative form of writing. To provide the reader with a creative image that will make them understand your essay’s concepts, use metaphors in your writing.

  • Include all three acts

Do you know about the acts of creative writing? These are: setup, confrontation, and resolution. Use this structure to make your essays more creative.

  • Be detailed

Detail means a lot to readers. Being creative also means being detailed. If you want to attract the reader and tug at their emotion, you need creative detail that will spruce things up.

  • Find an unusual angle

If you use the same creative approach as others do in their essays, it won’t really be successful. For your creativity to really make your essay great, you should try to be unique and find an unusual angle. Think of the issue you are exploring in your essay and find a new way to approach the topic.

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