Dissertation Editing

When students go through writing a dissertation, they feel grand relief and accomplishment. You are right to do so, but there’s one thing you should know. When you finish with the dissertation chapters and sections, your job is far from finished. Even though you have gone through the ordeal of researching, organizing and writing, there’s still one lengthy job for you to do – dissertation editing.

Never, ever underestimate the editing of a dissertation. You might have spent a half an hour editing a short essay in the past, sometimes even a couple hours, but this is completely different. Dissertations are grand in size and demand much more effort than an ordinary essay. In fact, since you’ll probably feel tired and lose focus after checking dozens of pages, you are much more likely to miss the mistakes in the dissertation.

Just going through those pages will take days. Repeating the process to properly edit the paper may take over a month. And since the person who’s writing the content is most likely to miss the errors in it, your best choice is to get dissertation editors to finish this task for you.

Essential Steps for Dissertation Editing

A dissertation editor is an expert in handling big papers. Thankfully, our service is focused primarily on this paper, which makes us the most experienced dissertation editing service you could find.

To edit a dissertation for you, we’ll go through the following steps:

  • View the dissertation as a whole

Being the person who put all those parts together and organized the sections, you can’t possibly review the dissertation as a whole. But, since we will be looking at your dissertation from the perspective of the reader, we can get a clean vision of it as an entire piece of content.

This can be very useful for the first part of the editing process. With the instructions and the outline you provide, we’ll skim through the dissertation to see if all sections are in the right order. This process will show us if your dissertation topic fits the paper context, whether or not you’ve properly organized the data and chapters, as well as look for the key concepts and details that would introduce the topic to the reader.

  • Review section by section

When we are done skimming your dissertation, we’ll approach it with deeper focus and look at details. This means that we’ll spend our time on each section individually to look for mistakes and errors, as well as flaws we can fix for you.

Reading over the dissertation sections will help us check if you’ve cited all sources properly. We’ll also see if your content belongs in the specific section, highlight the things that can be eliminated or moved to another part of the dissertation, and point out to ideas and statements that demand more information.

  • Review by paragraphs

Our third editing step is to check paragraph by paragraph. This will help us see if the first sentences of paragraphs introduce your ideas, if they are interconnected, and help us improve the flow of your thoughts. Writing such a big paper can cause you to stray from the topic and if you have, we’ll fix this for you.

  • Review by sentences

Finally, we’ll go through your writing by checking those sentences you’ve written. If you focus on the smallest units such as the sentences, you can finally detect those simple, hard –to-find mistakes. We’ll also look into sentence length and reduce the wording in the sentences that are too long.

This process is done by our expert editors who use all the tricks and tools at their disposal. They’ll read the sentences aloud, backwards, rewrite and tweak them – all to make your dissertation consistent and clear for the reader. They’ll find those homophone errors and check all the apostrophes, see if you used capital letters where you should have, and pay attention to the spelling of names.

Finally, our editors will see if your sentences have their subjects and remove the unnecessary wording or phrases.

  • Use advanced editing tools

We don’t deny using some great editing tools. After all – they are there to help people detect mistakes. Students often make the mistake of using editors and spell checkers and submitting the paper before even reading it. What we do is check the paper by going through the steps described above, then use some advanced editing tools to make sure we haven’t missed anything.

Our Dissertation Editing Services

All these steps make it impossible for our dissertation editing services to fail. That’s why we are known as the greatest dissertation experts you could find. Since our focus is on dissertations as the toughest papers students need help with, we’ve employed PhD experts with years of dissertation writing and editing experience.

That’s what makes it possible for us to go through all these steps and ensure that your dissertation is absolutely flawless. Submitting an important paper such as this one without paying attention to the errors in it can be catastrophic for your academic success, no matter how hard you’ve worked on writing the dissertation content.

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