Dissertation Writing

A dissertation isn’t just an essay in a longer form. In fact, dissertation writing doesn’t really even resemble essay writing. It takes its basic structure and moves a hundreds steps further, so you’re looking at dozens of pages and dozens of sections under different names. Moreover, it takes short and focused research and turns it into months of digging through library and online sources, performing research, doing interviews, using various methods, etc.

As you can see, dissertations aren’t really essays. You are probably used to writing essay types thanks to all those years you spent doing this, but when the dissertation time comes, you’ll find yourself completely unprepared for it.

The worst thing is, no one really prepares you for dissertations. Most students can’t even say that they’ve received any kind of dissertation writing support or guidance before they were assigned the task. Sure, you can speak to your mentor while working on the dissertation, but how will you begin to work on it in the first place?

The good news here is – you don’t have to. Nowadays, students who find dissertations too exhausting or too demanding have found themselves a solution – online dissertation writing services.

Dissertation Writing Services and Why You Need Them

Many custom dissertation writing services earn a fortune from selling papers to students. Dissertations are huge work and consist of more pages than any essay you might have ordered, meaning that you need to pay a higher fee to get such help. That being said, an investment in a custom dissertation writing service can either turn out to be a big gain for you as a student, or a big loss if you choose poorly.

So, even if you made some poor choices for a company before with the short essays, those losses would be nothing compare to what you’d be losing if you don’t select a service like Dissertation-today.com. This isn’t the best time in your academic life to go for the cheapest option. Yes, there’ll be some choices that will look so cheap, you’ll feel very lucky. But these choices are bound to make you unhappy and penniless after you get the dissertation.

Dissertations aren’t just big, they are also very demanding. A person who knows how to write an essay does not necessarily know how to write a dissertation. It’s the toughest, most complex paper out there.

We aren’t saying that you need to spend a fortune on the highest priced company to ensure your dissertation’s success. On the opposite, you still need to search for affordability, but first of all, you need to search for quality.

Dissertation Writing Steps and Parts

Writing your dissertation is the last piece of the puzzle that is your current education. After all those years of studying and hard work, you’ve finally received the task that’s the culmination of it all. Still, being as important as it is, dissertations are also made very complex.

Before we go into discussing some of the key steps students must undertake to write a dissertation, let’s discuss the key parts of every dissertation paper. These include:

  • Abstract that summarizes the dissertation in few sentences;
  • Research question that defines the entire research and takes place in the introduction;
  • Literature review that provides the reader with an overview of the research work that’s done on the same subject;
  • Body chapters that concentrate on different points and provide information on the methodology, research, results and analysis of your dissertation;
  • Conclusion that summarizes everything and marks the ending of your dissertation research;
  • Bibliography that shares all the sources you used while writing a dissertation.

To write a great dissertation, you need to do much more than just follow a structure and use sources you find in the library. Dissertations also include methodologies that can be found in every research paper but in this case, in a more frequent and deeper manner than you’ve ever used.

A dissertation can use a combination of various research methods such as interviews, qualitative historical research, surveys and questionnaires, case studies, etc.

That being said, you can’t just approach the dissertation by starting to write the introduction and go with the flow. This paper does not allow for flexibility in writing unless you have a solid, well-thought plan in place.

Firstly, you must start with the topic. The goal is to choose a topic you love to keep your motivation high during all those months you have to work on the dissertation.

Secondly, you must create an outline with all data you found during your research. This will tell you what information goes where in the lengthy dissertation.

Next, you must formulate the hypotheses, research questions, methods you’ll use for the research, tools you’ll use for analysis, citation format you’ll use for the bibliography, etc. All of this demands careful thought and full understanding of your institution’s guidelines and requirements.

Finally, you must use various research methods, take notes and organize them to be able to analyze them in your writing.

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