Personal Statement

A personal statement is short, but exhausting. In a very, very short amount of words, you must share the main idea and message of the entire paper. All the arguments in the same paper must reflect the idea in the thesis statement. Moreover, in that statement, you must also introduce your position and stand in the matter.

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Personal Statement Writing Services and How to Make a Final Decision

It is hard to make a final decision on what personal statement writing service to hire and pay to do the work for you. This is understandable because there are many personal statement writing services available to students. If you don’t want to make the wrong investment and employ someone who will fail to meet your expectations, you need to take your time and choose very wisely.

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Help on Personal Statement – How to Do It Well

A thesis statement is only a sentence or two long, but in those two sentences, you must present a topic, share your position in relation to it, and provide yourself some writing guidance for the actual thesis.

How can you do this?

To help you understand how a thesis statement is created, we’ve come up with some excellent questions every personal statement writer should know the answers for.

  • Position of a personal statement

We’ve already established how long the statement should be, but where do you put it once you have it? A personal statement belongs at the beginning of an essay or a paper. You can put it in the introduction or, if you are writing a longer essay or paper, in the second paragraph.

Remember – the thesis statement should provide readers with direction, which is why you need to introduce it as soon as possible.

  • Clarity of a personal statement

Since you have to tell a lot of things in a sentence or two, the statement you include in your writing must be as clear as possible. When you provide this statement, you’ll proceed by revising and discussing the arguments. The idea here is to provide the base for the paper and follow up in the content that follows.

  • Limits to a personal statement

A thesis statement must be limited. You can’t be too broad about a topic in a thesis statement. Introduce only the things you’ll be discussing, nothing else.

  • Language to use in a personal statement

When we said that a thesis statement should be clear, we spoke mostly about the language. In the statement, you should avoid using technical language, jargon, as well as abstract or vague words and phrases. Since you are very limited in terms of word, you should use the opportunity to tell the reader something with every word you choose.

  • Introducing your position in a personal statement

As we said, the statement must also include the writer’s position on the issue that’s discussed in the content. The idea is to reveal your position in relation to the chosen topic and share with the reader how you plan to evaluate and analyze.

  • Time to write the personal statement

Don’t expect to be able to write a thesis statement before you finish writing the rest. This will make it much harder for you to do it.

  • Originality of the personal statement

A personal statement is too short for you to risk stealing content or being repetitive. Avoid formula statements, quotes, and generic arguments. If you sound too familiar, you’ll lose the credibility as a good writer before the reader actually gets to the good parts of the research.

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